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Why do casinos use chips?

Casino chips have been circulating among gambling establishments for decades. Casinos still use tokens to this day, despite the value of paper money, credit cards, gift cards, 카지노 and even digital currencies from various institutions.
To understand why casinos prefer this type of currency in their casinos, we will look at exactly why casinos use chips.

Encourage people to bet on Chips

Which one are you most reluctant to lose? $ 100 bills or $ 100 chips? You may be able to spend your chips on casino games while keeping your account secure in your wallet.
There are things you don’t want to give up on money, a problem that casino chips don’t have.

Spending psychology is one of the reasons casinos prefer tips to cash because most people separate tips from the actual money studied by scholars. When you own casino chips, your brain does not consider them as money to spend on food, gas, or other merchandise.

For most gamblers, chips are just tokens for use in casinos. For gambling establishments, their goal is to get as much cash converted to chips as possible. Once that cash has been converted, people are far more likely to stay and gamble until they run out of chips whereas they would stop before they lost all their cash.


With money circulating the cages and gambling floor, chips make it easier for the accounting staff to keep track of the cash they have within the premises. Casino chips’ shape and size make them easy to stack and store. By tracking the circulation of chips within the floor, casino management can accurately calculate the money coming in. Makes games faster and brighter

Imagine that you are playing all-seater blackjack and the casino allows anyone to use paper money 카지노사이트 주소 instead of chips. While there are clients who already have their bets ready, others can decide how much to bet. If the player counts his money, he can still search his wallet and take 10 to 15 minutes to finish his turn.

Paper money has nothing to do with being on the casino table. Just calculating the amount can take a long time. Accounts are also difficult to track, which is a major inconvenience for the dealer and security personnel.

The size and shape of casino chips make them easy to handle for players and dealers. Dealers and customers can instantly determine the amount of each chip by its color without reading the face value. Even pit bosses and security staff can easily track bets made by the color of each token.


When a table is full of chips, what’s to stop someone from grabbing them all and running out of the casino? Those who are angry enough to take this brave deed must invest chips in the casino. Otherwise, they only have worthless casino chips, which cannot be redeemed immediately for cash between establishments other than the ones that issued them.

When criminals try to monetize these stolen chips, RFID technology allows the casino to identify the stolen chips and refuse to pay. Radio frequency identification technology allows casinos to authenticate high value chips. For low value items, all casino chips are engraved with a special serial number to prevent further counterfeiting. Another benefit of a casino chip tracker is that it allows management to track the movement of a place’s currency within the gaming room. The tracking systems can use RFID 카지노사이트 tags to find players who are consistently winning at an unusual rate, allowing security to find potential cheaters. RFID casino chips also help discourage or detect collusion between employees and customers.

Keep following the high rollers

Casino chip trackers are not only useful for cracking down on criminals, but also for finding VIP clients. VIPs spend a lot on the field and are willing to part with their funding when encouraged enough. By locating these key people, management can boost their corporate sponsorship and encourage players to put in more money.

Brand Goals

Marketing departments want people to think of the casino with the name and logo of the casino when the topic of gambling comes to mind. When these people visit Las Vegas, Macau or Monte Carlo, they are likely to visit the casino they know through advertising and promotion campaigns.

From a marketing point of view, casino chips are powerful branding tools. Engraving the casino’s name and logo on the chips can strengthen the brand with their customers, encourage visitors to come back, or refer their friends to the place. Casino chips have an incredible number of uses that represent not only players’ money. Chips can provide security, marketing, money regulation and other useful functions that can support an operator’s business.

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