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Sands Signals Renewed Interest in Thailand Casino Resort

Las Vegas Sands said Thursday that Marina Bay Sands Pte Ltd, Singapore has plans in running a casino and convention complex in Thailand.

Asiaone quotes Krist Boo, vice president for communications as saying, “We want to invest in Thailand if we have the proper permission. It must be the [same] kind of resort as in Singapore,”

She added, “We have been searching for new investment not only in Thailand but also all places.

Although 퍼스트카지노 Thailand has no casino act yet, if this [is] about to happen, it is very interesting.”

The comments to Thai journalists visiting the company’s Marina Bay Sands resort in Singapore.

Sands executives approached the Thai government. Moreover, about setting up shop there but they turned it down.

National Council – Sands Resort

There can be no substantive move. To develop a casino resort in Thailand. Without a change in the country’s laws.

Currently the only legal gambling they allowed in the country are two Royal turf. Sports clubs that allow betting on horse races. And the official lottery.

The Prime Minister personally chaired, General Prayut Chan-ocha. General Prayut Chan-ocha is under retirement Thai army officer and head of the National Council. For Peace and Order.

He has been in office since a coup d’état on May 22, 2014. In August 2014, a military-dominated national legislature. Whose members were handpicked by Prayut. Elected him as the new prime minister.

Reform Council Members

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A group of 12 National Reform Council members. Whose primary goal is to draft a new constitution for the country. Have suggested that casinos be allowed.

In the country as a way to increase tourism and the economy. But the council’s chairman. Thienchay Kiranandana says the plan is not under consideration.

Police chief General Somyot Poompanmoung came out. In favor of the idea but the PM shot it down. Thus instructed him to stop promoting the idea. According to an article in the Bangkok Post several days ago.

Las Vegas Sands Corp has also expressed interest. In opening a casino in Vietnam. But conditioned the interest on a change.

Of law there that would allow citizens to gamble.

In their 2014, 4th quarter earnings call, Chairman and CEO. Sheldon Adelson said, “We remain focused on potential development. 메리트카지노 opportunities in Japan, Korea and Vietnam.

We believe our unique convention-based Integrated Resort development model. Besides, they could bring meaningful benefits to these countries in terms of business.

Finance Minister Wants Casino Approval in Thailand

We know Thailand as the ‘land of smiles’ is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia. One of the reasons why Sommai Phasee.

Thailand’s finance minister wants the country’s military government. To approve the licensing of casinos in Thailand.

Earlier this month, the National Reform Council (NRC) in Thailand had. Also raised the issue of sanctioning casinos in the area. Suggested that Pattaya would be an ideal destination for a Thai casino.

The finance minister supported the NRC and stated. That casino resorts must be in construction in Thailand.


So that there is provision for entertainment complexes, shopping malls. As well as convention centres. Restaurants which would further promote tourism in Thailand.

They should encourage families to visit these establishments. Also provide gamblers a place. To play their favorite 카지노사이트 추천 table games.

Furthermore, Phase stated that casinos could follow a similar model to Singapore. Although, impose a $150 casino entrance fee on Thai’s and residents.

This was one way to discourage ‘poor people’ from entering the casino. Even permitting only those who were really interested. In spending money inside the casino resort.

The Minister of Finance said it would be better for Thailand to build its own casino to allow Thais. Consequently, tourists to gamble within Thailand rather than trading outside Thailand.

However, Phase opposed the idea of ​​building casinos across Thailand so that they could run their own casinos wherever they wanted.

Regulation of Casino

The Finance Minister wants the government to carefully regulate the casino industry so that it always has full control over it.

Several theories say Phase played an active role in facilitating talks . Between Las Vegas Sands. Prime Minister Prayut Chan-Ocha. But Phase denies that claim.

According to a recent article in the Bangkok Post, a total of 1,093. Thais were under investigation for. Or against having a casino in Thailand.

In conclusion

Hence, the survey which the Bangkok University conducted. Revealed that 58% were not in favor of having casinos in Thailand.

Royal Thai Police chief General Somyot Poompanmoung trivialized. These survey results by saying these numbers mean nothing.

As the number surveyed was extremely small. Unless a national survey in another conduction. Therefore, Thai people do not have any real idea what they want.

The Police Chief also echoed the views of the finance minister. By saying there were many illegal gambling dens.

On the Thai border that promoted gambling. Hence, it would be a lot better for these gamblers to visit Thai casinos and spend their money legally.

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