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Online Poker Tells and How to Use Reverse Tells

Obviously, the biggest disadvantage of online poker lies in the fact it can’t portray physical tells. In other words, you can’t pick up physical tells from your opponents… which is a double-edged sword since they can’t pick up physical tells from you either. But, online poker tells do exist, they’re just a tad bit different. If you’re just starting out and you’re looking for poker beginner tips to help you get a psychological edge over your opponents, you’ve come to the right place! 카지노사이트

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Let’s take a closer look at the most common tells in online poker:

What Are Online Poker Tells?

What sort of tells are we talking about here when online poker tables have no way of providing experienced players with subtle physical mannerisms?

Well, there are a few online poker tells reliable enough to be mentioned here. They are as follows:

Instant Buttons Are a Reliable Tell

The first thing we have to mention here are the pre-select buttons that are available on the vast majority of online poker tables. The list goes something like this:

  • Check/fold
  • Check/call
  • Raise any
  • Call/raise

How to know if a player has pressed one of the available pre-select buttons? It’s simple – if the player has selected check/fold, you’ll see him check instantly as soon as it’s his turn. This is an automatic indicator that the player has a weak hand.

Pre-select buttons can be used as bluffs too. Raise any will often confuse your opponents and is the perfect solution for aggressive bluffs in online poker. But, keep in mind that your opponents can use the “raise any” button too.

All-Ins on the River

River all-ins have become a popular move on online poker tables across the globe. What could be behind them? Well, it’s either one of two things. A – a ballsy bluff; B – a powerful flop gain coupled with another river strike, either a full house, flush or something along those lines.

In 80% of rounds, the person who goes all in will win the round even if he’s been called by more than one additional player. The remaining 20% comes down to ballsy bluffs or just bad post-river calculations.바카라사이트

Post-Loss Ranting

Yep, we’ve all done this already. But, we were doing this without thinking it could actually be a beneficial part of our poker gameplay. Whether we’re talking about ranting, swearing, or even insulting opponents, emotional plays have a vital role in online poker. It’s not as strong as it is in brick-and-mortar poker tables, but it still matters.

It’s simple – if you see a player constantly rant after losing hands, take it upon yourself to make them even angrier! Most online poker players don’t have a proper level of self-control. They don’t care too much about their funds; revenge is a far better motivation in their eyes.

If you’ve already dealt a nasty loss to a player – taunting them when sitting on a strong hand is likely to entice them to call and follow you straight into another big pot. If executed correctly, post-loss ranting can be a great online poker strategy.

Being Too Passive

You’ll never become a poker icon if you play too passively and avoid getting your hands dirty. If you notice a player being too passive, you can automatically assume he’s bad. If he’s playing too loose, though, you can take advantage of that by isolating him from the rest of the pack and taking small chunks of his chips one round at a time. It won’t bring you hefty wins, but will result in a positive balance at the end of the round.

Taking Too Much Time

Last but not least – if you notice a player taking too much time in post-flop situations, it’s likely an indicator that he’s sitting on a good hand. True, this could be a bluff too, which is why it’s important not to judge on a single tell but a series.

Track the player – track his hands, and figure out whether he’s taking too much time to bluff or he’s actually sitting on some strong stuff. Another thing worth considering is that online poker players tend to be slower because they’re playing on multiple tables. That’s something you can’t affect, though it’s important to know it before getting yourself slapped.

How to Use Reverse Tells in Online Poker

In short, a reverse tell represents attempts of deceiving your opposition with deliberate physical moves. In online poker, there are no physical moves. Still, online poker tells do exist, they’re just manifested differently.

Take for example post-loss ranting in cases where you get a strong hand afterward. Just be obnoxious – emphasize that you’ve lost a round that you already had in the bag or something along those lines. Be creative and think outside of the box!

The best reverse tells are when you incorporate several tells into a single setup. For instance, combining post-loss ranting with taking too much time. You can use this both as a bluff and as a reverse for the real thing.

Even though reverse tells in online poker are a lot more difficult to properly understand and use, they’re still a very viable source of pot wins. Remember – poker is not a game of cards or luck; it’s a game of psychology! 온라인카지노

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