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Daily Fantasy Basketball Picks: Doug McDermott and Monday’s Top Bargains at FanDuel

Monday night is set up to be an odd night for daily fantasy basketball fans, as we get just three NBA games to play with, yet several superstar players will be gracing the hardwood.카지노사이트

Translation: Monday could be a ton of fun in NBA DFS circles, provided you mix the right studs with the right value plays. At first glance, the starting point to build your daily fantasy basketball roster seems pretty obvious, as Russell Westbrook and Anthony Davis are the only two truly elite NBA DFS options on this slate.

On such a small slate, fading Westbrook doesn’t seem like a realistic option, especially when you start to look at the rest of the point guards available. Westbrook is normally a lock for at least 50 fantasy points and is one of two players on tonight’s slate that can easily top 70+ fantasy points.

Of those two, however, The Brow would be the easier one to fade. Anthony Davis is also a solid bet to hit on 45-50 fantasy points, but he’s on the road and tends to struggle a little more away from home.

One good approach could simply be pairing them together, and then finding some sort of balance from there. That might be the preferred route, especially considering Karl-Anthony Towns might have a bad matchup by the numbers (slow-paced game, facing Andrew Bogut) and the third best player tonight (Jimmy Butler) is questionable to play due to an illness:

You could still go for that elite trio with Russ, Brow and KAT together, but the ideal starting point looks to be pairing Russ and Brow or fading Davis. Regardless of the path you take en route to your daily fantasy basketball picks tonight, you’re going to need some value. Let’s take a look at our favorite bargain buys over at FanDuel at each position:

Note: If you hadn’t thought it yourself already, please consider fading cash games tonight. A three-game slate is highly volatile and simply a bad spot to invest a ton of cash in one lineup for moderate reward. Instead, consider light GPP play tonight or specifically with FanDuel’s massive $4 contest.

Ricky Rubio, PG, Timberwolves ($5.6k)

There are several options to consider pairing with Russ. Paying up for Jrue Holiday is undoubtedly the safest route, and he might even end up being quite contrarian due to his price. However, the likes of Derrick Rose, J.J. Barea, Deron Williams, Michael Carter-Willliams and maybe even Brandon Jennings (though all somewhat attractive in their own way) seem too volatile to trust on this slate.

You can still use any of those guys next to Russ, but Rubio has about the same upside as most of them and might have just as good of a floor. I don’t love Rubio’s confined role in Minnesota’s offense, as he pretty much dribbles the ball down the court and hands it off to someone else. That being said, he did have a nice 12 point and 7 dime game last time out and the one thing we can usually count on from him is his run (30+ minutes in 12 of his last 14 games).

Rubio is not a great shooter and his role in general isn’t amazing, but he can get a little hot in the right spot and is always a threat to explode with dimes and steals. As long as they game is close and he’s out there like usual, we like him at this price. You don’t need the world out of him here, either. He just needs to be a decent complement to Russ and then you can hope Jrue, Rose and the other point guards don’t have career-defining games tonight.바카라사이트

Victor Oladipo, SG, Oklahoma City Thunder ($5.9k)

Shooting guard feels pretty obvious tonight. If Jimmy Butler is out, Dwyane Wade is a lock, as his usage climbs up to insane levels when he’s the main scorer for Chicago. He’s the most expensive shooting guard on this slate, but he’s fairly reliable, at home and could be in for the best role of any option at his position.

Wade is a borderline must if Butler sits, but after him there are a lot of question marks. There are few players with the upside and volatility that Zach Lavine possesses, while Wesley Matthews, Courtney Lee and even Buddy Hield are all worth cursory glances, but all generally have fairly low floors.

The upside isn’t with those guys, but instead maybe with Oladipo, who has actually been very safe since returning from a wrist injury (28+ fantasy points in his last four contests). Oladipo also sports solid upside, as he can score the ball well and often has a hand in just about every main stat category.

Punting shooting guard isn’t the worst idea on a slate like this, but if you want stability, you’re using Wade for sure (again, only if Jimmy sits) and thinking long and hard about pairing him up with Oladipo.

Doug McDermott, SF, Chicago Bulls ($4k)

Small forward could also be blatantly straight-forward tonight, as Butler potentially sitting this one out obviously would take him out of the equation. From there, your best bets are obviously Carmelo Anthony, Harrison Barnes and Andrew Wiggins.

Butler being ruled out ahead of the game will increase the ownership for all of those guys, but there’s reason to fear each option. Melo sulked in his last game and has been dealing with a shoulder issue, so he clearly could be a little tough to trust. He’s had some really nice games lately, but if you’re looking for a reason not to pay up at SF, that’s a sound one.

Wiggins and Barnes are both usually solid with safe floors, while Wiggins packs some solid upside as an explosive scorer. Both can leave you wanting more, however, and on a slate where your salary cap is best spent at truly elites like Russ, Brow and maybe KAT, it might not make sense to spend your cash there.

Instead, at least one spot could be dedicated to Bulls sharpshooter Doug McDermott, who popped off for 17 actual points in each of his last two games and even notched a nice double-double in his last outing. Dougie Buckets is pretty scoring dependent and isn’t the most reliable daily fantasy basketball option on the board, but he’s dirt cheap and is on a roll. He especially looks great if Butler is out.

Dirk Nowitzki, PF, Dallas Mavericks ($5.2k)

Power forward might be the best spot to consider getting cute, as you have a litany of options. The safest route without a doubt is stacking Anthony Davis and Kristaps Porzingis together. They’re in what should be a competitive game at MSG and both met value the last time they faced off.

There is little to fear with that pairing, but it does strap you in terms of how you can spend your NBA DFS dollars. It may make more sense to only use one of them and then locate the ideal value PF to pair with them.

The good news is there are several to consider. Gorgui Dieng, Enes Kanter, Taj Gibson, Nikola Mirotic and even Donatas Motiejunas are all solid enough dart throws in the GPP realm. They all have their question marks, though, as Dieng can go full spare at any moment, Nikola is fairly scoring dependent, Motie is only in his second game with the Pelicans, Kanter operates off the bench and Taj sports a low floor.

They all feel like unnecessary gambles when you look over and see the tried and true Dirk Nowitzki, who is finally healthy and playing close to normal minutes. He’s ramped up his activity in each of his last four games, successively logging 23, 24, 28 and 30 minutes. Nowitzki still hasn’t popped off for a big scoring game and is always a double-double threat, so with close to regular run, he feels like one of the safer secondary power forward options on the board. Now you just need to decide which power forward to pay up for, or whether to fade Brow/Zinger.

Steven Adams, C, Oklahoma City Thunder ($5.9k)

In an ideal daily fantasy basketball world, you’re getting KAT here and never looking back. He is without a doubt the most talented center on the board and the #1 option there if your personal roster construction allows for his $9.2k salary.

That being said, I think you can get away with fading both him and The Brow on this slate. If Zinger can come close to matching Davis and KAT can struggle slightly against a slow-paced Dallas team, then Adams can be a big piece to the puzzle.

The options beyond Adams really aren’t worth your trouble, as Robin Lopez, Andrew Bogut and Joakim Noah are all cheap but always seem to bring their own limitations to the table. Adams gets better run that all three of them, yet can get easy buckets, block shots, get dimes and rebound the ball. He is always a double-double threat and tends to see roughly 30 minutes nightly.

Adams has seen a more concrete role with a healthy Victor Oladipo back in the saddle, too, as it’s called for less offense (and minutes) out of bench big, Enes Kanter. That should help keep Adams on the floor more for defensive purposes, and if his role remains, we can probably safely hope for about 30 fantasy points. If he can play a little above his salary, we just might have the center play of the night.

Remember, how you see a lot of the value plays depends on both your base daily fantasy basketball strategy, as well as which players you view as the top elite plays or merely the top plays at each position. In our mind, you need Westbrook no matter what type of game you’re playing tonight, and to build a winning roster, you don’t necessarily need to sacrifice other positions to pay up and stack 1-2 extra studs.

You can always go your own way, but hopefully we shed some light on at least one position for you and it leads to some big winnings. Regardless, good luck in tonight’s NBA DFS contests! 온라인카지노

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