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Commission Warns Gambling Firms That the Pace of Change to Protect Consumers Has Been ‘too Slow’

The gambling regulator has called on Britain’s largest gambling companies to step up – and speed up – their gambling to protect customers from gambling-related harm.

The Gambling Commission warns that operators. Who fail to protect the public risk their long-term future in the industry.

Earlier, gambling leaders met in Birmingham. For the annual Raising Standards conference hosted by the Gambling Commission.

This is part of the Commission’s strategy to force licensees. To make gambling more equal and safer for players. 온라인카지노

The event, which took place in the city of origin of the main regulator of the gambling regulator. Brought in top executives of gambling companies regulated.

By the Commission, including the national lottery operator Camelot.

And groups with a similar interest in making gambling fairer and safer. These include consumer groups, other regulators. The Digital, Culture, Media and Sport departments.

At the conference, Sarah Harrison, Chief Commissioner of the Gambling Commission, they reflected on the 12 months since the last conference.

And said that they have made a decision. The sector is not yet large enough to make gambling fairer and safer. for consumers.

Sarah said, “There are certain developments in the whole market that are worth mentioning.” He later added: “The bar is set very low by operators in terms of fair treatment of customers.

Customer experience is not yet what it should be, and now change is coming.

Understanding is key, transparency is essential and unwise behavior is not acceptable to us.” for our partner organizations and certainly not for consumers.

Leaving delegates in doubt about the Commission’s expectations, Sarah concluded 카지노사이트 추천: “I would like to reiterate our determination. To make the UK the best place in the world to gamble.

Ensure that consumers are safe and operators are honest and responsible. Having higher standards than ever before is increasing every year.

“Although our roles are different, it is our common interest in the consequences that unites us – and please. I want you to accept this message now. We want to work with you to move forward and faster to minimize damage.

Here. and those who do not share this commitment, those who do not care for consumers, will find themselves in an awkward situation. That their future in this sector is even more uncertain .

Read the full speech from Sarah’s key note. Earlier in the day, Gambling Commission Chairman Bill Moyes opened the conference. With a strong message to gambling companies: “Public support for gambling is beginning to decline.

“What I’m saying today is a call to action. The industry is proving to be more than redemptive. In need of tough measures to deal with the worst excesses.

Jim Mullen

Alternatively, we could see it as part of the entertainment industry,” he said. has the ability to cause harm and shows a real willingness. To invest in repair, prevention and treatment.

Other speakers at the event included Jim Mullen (CEO of Ladbrokes Coral Group). Who discussed how common interests and common goals can help improve business. And Richard Lloyd, a consumer promoter and former CEO of What ?

Industry leaders are also discussing how companies can change their marketing methods, systems and data, foster a culture of innovation and promote safer gambling. Among the panel members:

  • Sir Chris Kelly (Chairman of the Strategic Council for Responsible Gaming)
  • Kate Lampard (Chair of GambleAware)
  • Phil Cronin (CEO of Tombola)
  • Richard Flint (CEO of SkyBet).

Gambling Commission warns fantasy football organisers. To not get caught out by gambling rules

As the football season draws to a close, the organizers of the fantasy football leagues have been in warning. By the Gambling Commission to ensure. They are not caught under the Gambling Act.

Organizers of fantasy football leagues may need a pool betting license from the Gambling Commission. As the amount of winnings is determined. By the number of paying participants.

카지노사이트 안전한 카지노사이트 바카라사이트

The exception is when it carried out in the course of business. Where it is done privately. For example by residents of the same area or between employees.

Therefore, one of the areas that the organizers know best is advertising and social media.

Gambling Commission

Advertising when it comes to gambling means doing everything that encourages a person to gamble. Or providing information about gambling facilities. So that they can increase their use.

This includes messages on Twitter or Facebook, whether public, private or in groups. 카지노사이트

Promoting a fantasy football competition in this way. Also may mean that it is done as part of a business and requires a license to operate.

Ben Haden, program director of the Gambling Commission, said: “Fantasy football is undoubtedly a popular pastime most of the football season. Thus, many will be thinking about building their own league this summer.

In conclusion

“We want to ensure that the organizers of these leagues. Whether among friends, co-workers or otherwise. Know the law and do not break the rules of gambling.”

Organizers of fantasy football competitions, as well as any fantasy. Competitions with other games2, are advised to read the advice on our website (tk).

1 The term “in business” is not defined, but is defined on a case-by-case basis and is primarily an HMRC term.

2 Examples of fantasy competitions with other games. Include fantasy rugby competitions such as Six Nations, “Select a Stable” competitions. At major equestrian festivals such as Royal Ascot.

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