Daily Fantasy Basketball Preseason Advice to Help You Win


There is no doubt that the return of NBA basketball is extremely exciting, especially because with it comes another season of daily fantasy basketball. For 82 games, we get to project and pick our way to some cold, hard cash, all the while using some of our favorite pro basketball stars to do it.카지노사이트

The time for the regular season winning hasn’t arrived yet. That could be a bummer, but with the top DFS sites wising up in recent years and offering daily fantasy basketball preseason games, we no longer need to wait all the way until the end of October to play daily fantasy basketball and win cash.

That ability is already here, with the NBA preseason giving us a chance to use our knowledge and DFS skills to make some coin. Of course, much like any other preseason sport, there are some nuances we all need to figure out.

You needn’t worry, though, as we’ve got you covered on the daily fantasy basketball preseason advice end. Let’s run over the main tips and keys to emerging a winner in NBA DFS during preseason play:

Minutes, Minutes, Minutes

The first thing we want to consider is who is actually going to be playing in these NBA preseason games. This can fluctuate greatly, but usually we will have a decent idea of a coach’s plans.

Don’t Play Stars Blindly

For whatever reason, most coaches will end up revealing their starting lineups (or someone on Twitter will inform us) and we’ll at least know which five guys will start the game. That does not always mean those are the guys we want to target in daily fantasy basketball preseason games, however, since starters do not always play regular minutes or even close to it.

Different things can play into starters seeing a big chunk of minutes or none at all. The superstars in the league usually don’t need a ton of run during the NBA preseason. They already have established themselves and the risk of injury for a meaningless game just doesn’t make sense.

However, new additions, new coaches and new systems can definitely mess with conventional wisdom there. Teams will also often want to build team chemistry with longer than expected court time during the NBA preseason. It’s not always to gauge who will see a minute bump and when, but based off of the specific teams and situations, we can usually formulate an educated guess.

Young Guys Get Run

Regardless of what happens with the starters, you always need to keep in mind the young talent that teams will want to give a good, hard look. From top draft picks to young free agents or guys looking to be on the roster’s fence, coaches need time to evaluate players and the best way to do that is see them operating in their system, with their players and in a real NBA game against stiff competition.

Some games the young guys will barely play, but in the cases where the starters sit out or aren’t playing very much, you can bank on the young guys playing a lot and often even out-producing the top talents on their respective team.

Monitor Injuries and News

Right along with minutes is news and player health when it comes to figuring out what to do during the daily fantasy basketball preseason. This plays right into minutes and roles, as the more big names take a seat and don’t even play, the more likely younger guys are going to get some strong minutes and end up being sneaky NBA DFS sleepers.

Keeping tabs on player injuries via Twitter and various news sources is extremely key, as it helps you prepare ahead of time as to which players you’re going to plan on targeting for a specific night of preseason daily fantasy basketball play.바카라사이트

This can work both ways, too, as you can be completely off of a certain player who is dealing with some type of injury, yet his coach could clear him to see how he’s doing. In that same breath, virtually any player with an injury is usually tough to trust in DFS NBA games. You just can’t trust their availability, how long they’ll stay on the court or how well they will even play.

Truth be told, most NBA players who are banged up, regardless of the issue, just don’t play during the NBA preseason. That can make the entire debate over who to roster in daily fantasy basketball preseason games easier, but you still will want to stay on top of the latest buzz.

Use Resources

For some reason people tend to think preseason daily fantasy basketball is all about luck, but it really isn’t. If you stay on top of player injuries, research player roles and project minutes, you actually should have a really decent idea as to what players to roster for any given night.

It is important to not just use/trust one resource, however. There are a ton of daily fantasy basketball advice sites around, but depending on where you go, they can either give bad insight, or just be a little slanted.

The help you seek shouldn’t just be restricted to one website or app or person, either. There are all kinds of people on Twitter and Facebook who have information you wouldn’t otherwise find, or may have some sneaky sleepers in mind that can help you out.

None of this means you need to listen to everyone. In fact, just the opposite. The goal should be to soak up all of the NBA DFS advice you can, but to ultimately formulate your own opinion based on all the facts presented to you.

Be Diligent, Be Prepared

The biggest issue, of course, is being around to make any last second changes to your preseason daily fantasy basketball roster. Injuries and random inactive players can pop up out of nowhere even during the regular NBA season. Just imagine the chaos for games that no one cares about.

Prior to the games, make sure you have a good idea of the players you want to target, trim your roster down and then wait until any news pops up that could end up changing your initial picks. As news pours in, train yourself to react and adapt organically, by already having backup options (DFS pros call them Pivots) so you’re not scrambling and in a panic at the last second.

These Games Don’t Matter

The biggest thing we all need to understand is that this is indeed the NBA preseason and all 30 NBA teams don’t care about how your daily fantasy basketball preseason lineups fare. That means stars will sit out, players get hurt and don’t return and players you’ve never heard of could see a ton of minutes.

Everything we’ve just gone over, truly, can at times mean absolutely nothing when it comes to NBA DFS preseason leagues. That actually might be the best daily fantasy basketball preseason advice anyone ever gets – the fact that these games don’t matter and they’re unpredictable.

We can use the NBA DFS preseason tips to give us our best possible shot, but ultimately, the rotations are not as concrete, no one is playing for anything of merit and the star players are borderline locks to be at best limited. If you stay on top of everything, though, you just might give yourself a decent chance to win some cash.

Don’t Go Too Hard

The last thing we’ll leave you with is how you play daily fantasy basketball preseason games. As in, the manner and amount you bet when it comes with winning/chasing cash.

As we’ve touched on, there is a ton of unpredictability here. We don’t know exact minutes like we do during the regular season and players can be deactivated or taken out of a game at the drop of a hat. Because of the unreliability, there are two massive takeaways:

  • Cash games are actually reckless
  • Limit your spending and game intake

Because of the nature of the NBA DFS preseason beast, going for cash games like H2H and 50/50 games just doesn’t make sense. These teams you’re creating aren’t nearly as reliable as they usually are during the regular season, so taking a safe approach to a volatile game doesn’t feel like the right play.

Instead, you’ll want to play in GPP tournaments and aim high, with the idea that your research and sleeper NBA preseason picks are superior to the competition.

With that in mind, you also may want to limit your entry fees, as well as the number of games you participate in. Winning big can be fun, but losing big in NBA preseason DFS just isn’t something you want to do.온라인카지노

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