How predicted values ​​work in sports betting

You don’t have to work hard to lose money on sports betting. Many willful gamblers spend years perfecting their profession only to lose money for their efforts.
Even a single loss can give you many hours of heartbreaking entertainment.
But for those who want to profit 온라인카지노 from sports betting, it takes a lot of discipline.
Discipline and early understanding of math can really take you a long way.

Know Your Worth In Sports Betting

A group of bettors considers themselves “positive E.V.” sports bettors — as in “positive expected value.”
I’ve read dozens of articles on the subject, and they’re just too complicated.
Or maybe I’m just not sharp enough to follow adequately.
I’m sharp at math and still have trouble. My brother, on the other hand, has taken his shoes off to count to 11.

I want to provide a sufficient explanation of how expected value works in sports betting that my brilliant, if not mathematically inclined, brother could easily digest and apply. I hope I give new players a basic understanding of expected value and a useful refresher for experienced sports bookmakers.

Sports betting and odds

You certainly remember going to high school or college for what felt like endless math lessons. During my junior high and high school, I had two math classes a semester. Sheesh, I was glad it was over.

Some of the lessons were about statistics and probability. Like countless others, you passed out almost immediately, so you may not remember. You are the majority. Maybe you were too careful and even a self-styled math fanatic, but it happened over 20 years ago and the lessons were swallowed up by other information.

Most of the information we use every day goes unnoticed, even when the information is blocked.
I was shocked at the number of gamblers implementing strategies that largely ignored the fundamentals of probability. If you are a math savvy gambler and have a solid knowledge of odds, don’t worry.
The key to success is important, often overlooked or forgotten. Even if you think you are an expert, 바카라사이트 it can be helpful to review the basics.

After all, Tiger Woods hits a 7-iron every day and hits a driving range.
I think he has been a golf expert for the last 40 years. Here my target EV To make it easy for you when it comes to (expected price). These are not all expected value checks that you might try to figure out. This is a concise and easy to understand description for casual sports bookmakers who want to increase their winnings.

Probability and expected value

Games can be very entertaining.
What makes the game so great for most fans?
Not knowing what will happen on the field and having no control over the events keeps us locked in for every second of the action.

I’ve seen 80-foot buzzer-beaters, Tom Brady mount an impossible second-half comeback to win another Super Bowl, and I’ve even watched Randy Johnson clip a bird out of the air mid-flight with a fastball.

This uncertainty makes one thing clear.
One fact about sports betting is that there’s no such thing as an absolute lock when it comes to the winner.

Not even a group of toddlers would have a true 0 or 1 probability in a game versus the NBA’s Dream Team. So the entire game of sports betting goes down to between 0 and 1. This number represents the probability of something happening. Most often, a particular team wins or scores a specific number of points.

Once you are able to do this successfully with a certain level of accuracy, you can compare it to the inherent odds offered by sports bets and possibly see if you have the advantage.

Many people hear words like arithmetic and are instantly disappointed. Don’t worry; calculating the implied probability is simple.

Each time a sportsbook sets a line, it implies a certain probability of a specific bet winning. It is making the statement that bettors would draw even money should they win a certain percentage of contests over time.

I’ll use a coin flip to illustrate this idea. On the flip of a coin, the line would be +100. This means that in both cases there is a 50% chance.

After you understand the simplicity of the concept and convert the lines into odds, the bet is positive.

It’s as simple as flipping a coin

To become a better athlete, you need a solid foundation to accurately predict the chances 카지노사이트 of a particular outcome. As mentioned above, the outcome is usually the winner or the combination.

The numbers you get should be compared to the rules in the sports book.
This is how +EV is calculated.
I think it goes like this:

The casino offered a “head” on the toss of a coin with a probability of +110. +110 means a 47.6% chance.
This is a great EV+ because the actual landing probability is 50%. If you win, you lose your bet by the same amount.
However, you can make more money from gains than losses. This model will allow you to earn a lot of money over time. This is not provided. Sportsbooks and casinos that spawn this kind of behavior will go bankrupt in double time.

The loser can win for you

If you look closely, you can find some great values. You are not looking for a 100% lock because it has already been verified that there is no 100% lock.
For example, you can find huge acronyms in MLB. Imagine the perpetual LA Dodgers and ace Clayton Kershaw suffering losses and injuries in a ridiculous game against the Houston Astros later in the season.

Houston only had a 34 percent chance of beating the Dodgers. That’s not low, but far from good. However, the sportsbook gives the Astros fewer odds, closing the streak at +351-.

Houston’s odds of winning are slim at 22%. This huge difference will be a good opportunity to use this advantage. You should take those risks and bet on the team you most expect to lose.


Because you are getting tremendous value, if you intend to do this consistently, you will benefit in the long run.
The goal is to always follow your pattern. If you have a team that is less than 50% probability of winning but are getting +EV, you take the bet.

I see many gamblers waiting around for the sure thing, and they grow increasingly frustrated as their bankroll dwindles to a firm zero. They fail to understand that sports betting is a long game and need small incremental wins to succeed.
Don’t misinterpret this as me implying you should only bet on underdogs. Far from that, I encourage you to look for the best value. Please understand that placing a value bet is more than trying to guess which team will win the game.


Profitable bettors should regularly bet on the teams they expect to lose in the competition. Teams with less than a 50% chance of winning. Experienced sports bettors know that the larger the sample size, the higher the + EV.
This article should have given you the basics to start understanding how expected value works. For some of you, this might be a welcome critique on the subject. Anyway, thank you for your attention. The bell rang for those on autopilot as soon as they saw the word math.

The chapter has been separated.

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